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The History of Adamantivm (So Far...)

Planting the seeds of destruction in the world...

The Band

Adamantivm is a metal band coming from Zaragoza in the north east of Spain. Its music can be describe as an aggresive heavy metal mix with traditional thrash. They have released two selfproduced LP's so far: Adamantivm (2009) and Atajo a la Locura (2011 - meaning Road to Madness). With more than 25 gigs in Spain they're still fighting to conquer a hihg place in the metal community.

Adamantivm are Javier Gregorio Salazar (lead vocals), Luis Carlos Gallego (guitars and screams), Enrique Latas (guitars), Pako Muniente (bass and vocals) y Miguel Andrés (drums and vocals).

Foundation (2006-2007)

Adamantivm was born in Zaragoza in middle 2006 from the ashes of several bands from Aragon (Spain) such as De Propio (heavy metal), Hammeron (rock) and Orlac (death metal). Thus the first known lineup was: Toño Monzón (vocals, ex-Hammeron), Fran Paladini (guitars, ex-De Propio) and Orlac ex-members, Juanjo Soler (guitars), Pako Muniente (bass) y Miguel Andrés (drums).

Playing clasic heavy metal music they play some gigs in Zaragoza and surroundings.

On Novemeber 2007 Luis Carlos Gallego replaces Fran Paladini on guitars. The band improves its music writing and becomes more aggresive, incorporating thrash metal sounds to their music..

First Disc "Adamantivm" (2008-2010)

On March 2008, they enter the studio in order to record what should have been their demo-debut, an EP called "Ángel de la Muerte" (Angel of Death), with four tracks and an intro but just before the recording sessions end Juanjo Soler decides to quit the band due to personal reasons.

Juancho Terrones joins the band, turning their music a little more mixing thick heavy metal with aggresive thrash, fast songs with atmospheric passages creating dark moods. In contrast there were the high pitched vocals.

Ending 2008, after many gigs, they enter the studio again this time with Lucas Toledo (Estudios Teocida) to record 6 new tracks that represents the musical direction of the band even better than the songs in the demo EP.

Adamantivm releases independently their discographic debut on March 13th, 2009. It's an homonym LP that shows the demolition metal they play. It includes the unreleased EP "Angel de la Muerte" as a bonus.

After the release of "Adamantivm" several shows are played to present it in locations in Zaragoza and Aragón such as Teruel, Tarazona, Zaragoza and playing fests such as Nuevo Metal or San José Rock... It all ends with the official presentation of the disc on September 12th, 2009 in Sala Ultimatum in Zaragoza and playing on Pilares 2009 in CC Universidad. Thus the band is consolidated in the local scene.

But the composition of new songs is always on their minds, and from the moment the disc is in the streets they continue to write new songs following the harder and faster direction of their debut. Many new songs are played in several gigs.

2010 was the year to present Adamantivm in their whole country, Spain... so several shows are played in cities like Logroño, Bilbao, Madrid or Zaragoza where they were chosen to inaugurate the I Aragon Metal Meeting where they played in front of 400 crazy people Devizio Sala in their home town of Zaragoza. Meanwhile they keep on writing new songs until they have 11 new songs.

But on June, 2010 Toño Monzon decides to leave the band due to musical differences... the music was far to aggresive for him... So Adamantivm start searching a new singer for the band.

And just a couple of months after Toño departure young singer Javier Gregorio Salazar joins the band. With a more aggresive vocal range than Toño they plan the sound that the new songs must have in studio. Javi's debut with Adamantivm was on October 2nd, 2010 in Sala Zeta (Zaragoza).

Atajo a la Locura (2011-)

On November, 2010 Adamantivm enters the studio again, and again with Lucas Toledo on the recording duties. They record 11 new songs that completes their second disc entitled Atajo a la Locura (Road to Madness).

2011 starts with new shows in new cities like Valencia or Villamayor. But the most important date in the calendar is the day they release Atajo a la Locura, which sees the light of day on April, 2011.

Suddenly in Marcho 2011, and just before the new album is released, Juancho leaves Adamantivm due to extramusical reasons.

Fortunately the search for a new guitarist didn't last long, and 10 days after Juancho's departure Enrique Latas is announced to fill the spot left by Juancho. He's a well known musician in the local scene having played in bands like Orodreth and Occitania.

However 2011 is an odd year, with the changes in the lineup live shows are less than other years and 2012, wich started good, went worse. For the first time in its history ADAMANTIVM are force to cancel several gigs due to health isues, and a terrible illness holds Pako in the hospital to this day. But there's some highs in 2012 for Adamantivm who played for the first time in Huesca and was opening for ex-Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley in Zaragoza.

To make things worse Enrique Latas decided to leave the band by the end of June 2012, due only to musical reasons.

However Adamantivm is harder than life so they're currently working in a new album and preparing themselves to get back to the stage as soon as posible.